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Bringing Spring Indoors
by deana murphy, asid allied

Spring cleaning gives one a sense of a well deserved unleashing of the past. We open areas in our homes that were closed down for a season; purging and trashing of things that we were sure to keep, and opening our homes and hearts to usher in the freshen scents of nature. Bring these scents of nature indoors and enjoy them all year long. Consider the following design tips.

Designing with Flowers

The smell of fresh calla lilies, the aromas of hyacinths, or freshly cut lawns are true signals of a blooming spring (and much truer that a can of air freshener). Cut fresh flowers (either from your flower garden or from the florist) and keep them on your dining table, coffee table, kitchen counter, night stand, side table, and bathroom vanity. Mix and match your favorite recipe of floral fragrances to produce the perfect aroma of spring scents sure to please your longing for the outdoors.

Designing with Potted Plants

Blooming plants contribute not only fresh perfumed fragrances, but are an elegant design element sure to enhance any décor style. Match the greens with a bloom that harmonizes with your color palette, such as colorful baskets mixed and matched with florals carrying its own personalities of fragrances. This is an artful splendor that helps to define an unused space as well as spread subtle scents throughout the entire living space. Rejuvenate a dark tired space with a burst of springtime indoors using hyacinths and gardenias.

Designing with the Outdoor Environment

A freshly cut lawn and scents of the ocean abound in nature. Fresh rain showers leave a clean serene fragrance of spring. Open windows or turn on a window fan to pull the air in and capture the environment of nature outdoors. If you live in a high-rise and/or have air conditioning and cannot open windows, a simple substitution is an indoor flower garden. You can tailor fragrances to each room in your home with scented plug-in fragrances surrounded with pictures of florals to remind of you of spring.

Designing with Harmonic                                                                         Environments

Bring unique, bright, and open environment beauty of outdoors into your home. Sounds of flowing water bring outdoor quality to your indoor environment. These relaxing sounds can reduce stress and can also add simple elegance to your space. Waterfalls can define your space to complement any décor or style whether a freestanding,
wall mounted, or architecturally built-in. Design it as a dramatic focal point, or as a subtle addition to indoor serenity with the sounds that unleash the environments outdoors.


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